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ydl-photo…could mean anything from a simple denture repair, teeth whitening or a reline to complete hand crafted denture sets with a close to nature look and feel restoring your smile and confidence.

At YDS you can look forward to professional friendly advice and treatment from the full dental team, yes, with our surgery and consultation facility situated within York Dental Laboratory we have all the skilled professionals on site, working together to look after you and your specific denture needs; the perfect environment to produce your ideal look, with denture solutions to suit all budgets, time frames and requirements. From sports mouth guards to teeth whitening to full dentures York Denture Solutions can help.

YDS offer a faster, more cost effective and ultimately superior denture, teeth whitening and sport mouth guards fabrication and moulding service.

For more information or to arrange an appointment please call (York)

2 comments on “York Denture Solutions
  1. GLYN AUCOTT says:

    How long does it take to repair a partial denture which I have broken.
    I have broken a couple of teeth from the denture.

    • root says:

      A technician needs to see the denture – it takes a couple of hours, depending on availability of technicians

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